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Our 100% pure coconut oil soap is so safe that it is even suitable for use with organic vegetable farming. The Potassium salts that are formed through the saponification process, are the active ingredients that make the Castille Soap insecticidal.


The water softening mineral salt, that is added during the manufacturing process, has its own insecticidal properties and is even used as a soil fertilizer in the use of organic insecticide with vegetable farming.

Insecticidal Castille soap is particularly effective against small, soft-bodied insects.


When to apply:

If you see signs of aphids or spider mites on your vegetables, prepare the solution as described above and spray the insects on the plants with it. Take care to thoroughly cover all the insects with the solution - it is a contact insecticide. Repeat 4 tot 7 days later, if necessary, to get rid of any remaining insects. It takes only a rinse for the vegetables or herbs to be suitable for consumption. There are no poisonous substances that could remain on the surface or in the vegetable skins, since the natural medium-chain fatty acids of the saponified coconut oil, are the 'killers' that pierce through the soft shells of the insects.


(Some plants might be sensitive to even the natural soap. Test a branch 24 hours in advance, before indiscriminately spraying a whole plant or row of plants. According to 'Farmers Weekly' you shouldn't use insecticidal soap on seedlings or on plants that are already in distress.)

Organiese Insekdoder

  • Dilute for use as follows:

    Dissolve 7,5ml (half a dessertspoonful) in 1 litre of water in a spray bottle as an insecticide.

    500ml Makes approximately 66 litres of Organic Insecticide.

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